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Dr Stephen Hennessy and Dr lan Walsh are fully qualified cosmetic Dental Surgeons having over twenty five years of combined experience.

Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening system can whiten teeth up to several shades lighter, until you achieve a desirable shade.

To whiten your teeth we use a special whitening gel in conjunction with custom made mouth trays. impressions of the teeth are taken to ensure that the bespoke tray fits the patient exactly and that the procedure is safe and effective. The gel, which is only available from dentists, is used for either a couple of hours or overnight, depending on the concentration. The gel is very effective at whitening even the darkest of teeth (in fact the darker the teeth the better the result). After trying many techniques, our dental surgeons have found that this whitening procedure provides more effective and long lasting whitening, more consistent than any of the one hour systems currently on the market.

As tooth whitening is a cosmetic medical procedure, it needs to be performed by a registered dental professional. Only dentists are suitably trained to assess the health of both your gums and teeth to ensure the procedure is undertaken safely. All patients will have a consultation with the dentist prior to treatment commencing. The whitening only works on natural teeth and does not whiten crowns bridges or fillings.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the staff. We are new to your practice and our son Jake had two teeth extracted on Tuesday. Jake was very nervous. He really struggles with “needles” and was worried about the whole procedure. Everyone went out of their way to put Jake at ease from the welcoming receptionists, dental nurses and of course the dental surgeon. With your support, he managed to have the two 1st teeth removed and although I know he wants to avoid similar experiences, the experience was much better than he expected.

Thank you for going the extra mile for Jake. Jake really appreciated it and so did we.

Ian, Anne & Jake

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